October 9, 2011

Our 5,000th tree.

When you carbon offset your car or flight with Fifteen Trees, you get to see exactly where your trees have been planted and you directly support our rural environment and communities.

Here at Fifteen Trees we have reached a milestone by having our 5,000th tree planted last month in Central Victoria. Robert Pearse from the Langley Landcare group planted out 60 trees which included our 5,000.

Robert sent the following email to me.

“Dear Colleen, The trees have been planted along the South side of a five acre paddock that gets belted by the cold south winds in winter. This tree line will be supplemented by some low story bushes to provide more shelter for native birds and the fallen branches will be retained in the planting area as shelter for small animals etc. This strip of planting will join existing trees along a creek line that provides a native shelter pathway from Black Hill Reserve to the Campaspe River. Our little trees are going to be part of a major ecological project. That is very cool. Rob”

 Robert’s trees were generously paid for by Ballarat’s Kings Cars. Peter King has carbon offset over 70 of his Mitisbishu and Citroen cars with Fifteen Trees during the past 18 months. His trees have been planted all over Victoria – from the Ballarat district across to the West Gate Reserve and now over towards Bendigo. Peter King was one of Fifteen Trees’ initial supporters and through his support, numerous community groups have benefited from his green vision.

Cheers – Colleen

The number of trees planted with the assistance of Fifteen Trees supporters – 5015.



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