Skretting Australia is an international company producing feed for the aquaculture industry. They pride themselves on their commitment to sustainability. Jenna Bowyer (Sustainability and Communications Officer) contacted Fifteen Trees earlier this year asking if we could plant trees (1306) to help reduce the carbon emissions of their corporate flights.

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The trees went to 2 river sites in Tasmania; the Inglis River (500 trees) and the Tyenna River (806 trees).

Ingliss River

Inglis River

Hello Colleen,

The Inglis River in Wynyard is very close to town and the 6km walking track along the river is used by people every day. In addition quite a few persons canoe along the river, and many fisherman have their favourite spot. A platypus can be sighted on most days and the track is poplar with bird enthusiasts.

There are some gaps along the river bank where trees are absent, and the river bank is being eroded in places leading to fallen trees.

Wynyard Landcare planted 500 trees and shrubs along the river bank where trees were absent and where bank erosion is starting to occur. As part of their practical training Burnie TAFE students studying Conservation and Land Management organised the plantings, selected appropriate species and helped Wynyard Landcare members with the plantings. Species planted included white gum, blackwood, dogwood, wooly tea-tree, prickly moses, black permit, swamp paperbark, all local natives.

Thank you Skretting for enabling us to continue with our tree planting project along the Inglis River.

Peter Lawrence | President |  Wynyard Landcare

More trees at Inglis

More trees at the Inglis.

The Inglis River is located in the north-west region of Tasmania. It flows into the Bass Strait at Wynyard. The town of Wynyard is located on the south bank of the river. It is here that the Wynyard Landcare Group planted 500 on the behalf of Skretting.

Meanwhile, closer to Hobart (40 km west of the city), just over 800 trees were planted along the banks of the Tyenna River. Matthew Pitt organised the planting day with volunteers from various organisations all joining in to help plant.

Hello Colleen,

This project was about re-vegetating areas along the Tyenna River. This riparian rehabilitation of previously grazed lands adjoining National Park aims to increase biodiversity. The project was in partnership with Parks and Wildlife. Conservation Volunteers had various people engaged throughout this project including; local job seekers, retirees and university students as well as international volunteers. Everyone involved was thrilled to be helping revegetate and protect such a spectacular and diverse National Park.     

Thank you for engaging companies such as Skretting. Their support has enabled this project to go ahead.

Matthew Pitt | Acting Executive Officer | Tasmania Landcare

Volunteers at Tyena River

Volunteers at Tyena River

Huge thank you to James Rose (Managing Director of Skretting) for his continued support of tree planting projects in Tasmania. Thanks also to Jenna Bowyer for finding Fifteen Trees and initiating the relationship between the two companies.

Slainte (Irish for cheers) – Colleen