Fifteen Trees is delighted to report that G. J. Gardner Homes (Victoria and Tasmania) will continue to support tree planting in Victoria and Tasmania – to the tune of 5355 trees in 2014. A partnering between G.J. Gardner Homes and Fifteen Trees has produced the 15 trees project for the home building company. In brief, for every new home built by GJG, 15 trees are planted in the local district by a community group (such as landcare, school group or environmental network).

All 5355 trees will be distributed to community groups in rural and regional towns such as Swan Hill, Mildura and Wodonga in the north, across to Bendigo, Macedon, Ararat and Ballarat in central Victoria to Geelong and Warnambool in the west, Bairnsdale and Philip Island in the east and across the Tasman Sea to Launceston. This is the second year that G.J. Gardner participated in the program and at least 40 community groups are extremely grateful.

The gangs all here.

Michael, Jacob, Helen and Caleb Ellett.

On Saturday 31st May and first off the mark with tree planting was Bairnsdale. Micheal Ellett and the team from East Gippsland town helped Pauline Stewart and her Eastwood group plant out 300 trees at Granite Creek.

Michael has been a keen supporter of the 15 trees project. He said he was happy ‘to be helping the environment stay healthy and leaving it in a good state for future generations’.

Stay tuned for many more G.J. Gardner trees.

Slainte – Colleen