Earlier this year we put out a call for people to support our neighbours in East Gippsland and purchase trees for landholders in areas that had been devastated by the February fires. Many people heard the call and as a result we were able to offer one farming family 100 trees (and guards) for a revegetation project that will help restore native bushland. Organic & biodynamic farmers were heavily impacted by the bushfires across many areas of south east Australia and so we looked to support this particular farming industry.


New seedlings at Blue Sky Organics.


Blue Sky Organics is a family venture located in the East Gippsland located on the Murrindal River, VIC. Their small team consists of Madeline, Talsy, Jaklan, parents Chris and Christine Watts and grandparent Ian Watts. Last month, 100 native trees and shrubs were planted out along their creek beds.


We had some significant pockets of gorgeous gullies and creeks etc before the fires. Alas not so gorgeous now! And so we have concentrated our revegetation efforts in these areas. The creek banks are a priority as the trees will stabilise the banks (roots hold the soil together), provide habitat to native wildlife and help keep the creek water clean (so important for down stream ecology).

The bush up the back has not come back at all yet. We are still hopeful. We will not re-plant there as it is rocky and mountainous. Nature is going to have to do her own thing there.

We are actually wildlife rescuers and we do have a particular love of wombats. The wildlife here suffered immensely with the bushfires.  Simply heart-breaking. I guess I would like people to understand that wildlife need us to care and regenerate their land. And with the help of Fifteen Trees and ORICoop we can make a start.

Thank you to everyone who contributed in any way.

Christine Watts | Owner | Blue Sky Organics


The tough job of revegeation work.


Fifteen Trees is working with ORICoop (Organic Regenerative Investment Cooperative) to raise the funds needed to purchase 1500 trees (+ tree guards) for this district. Please feel free to contribute, keeping in mind that there will be no planting over the summer months. At this end, we will keep a tally of all trees purchased and offer more trees to this area in 2021.

This past summer was one of the most challenging Australian seasons ever and giving our support to East Gippsland will be an on-going commitment.

You can support by:

  • Sharing this page,
  • Purchasing trees,
  • Gathering a few friends to collectively purchase trees as a side-fundraiser. We can promote too, so ensure you tag us on Facebook (15trees), Insta (15.trees), Twitter (fifteen_treesAU) and LinkedIn (ColleenFilippa).

Number of trees


Colleen Filippa | Founder & Director | Fifteen Trees