Dear Colleen,

Just to give you a bit of a story behind our tree planting day.

On Friday the 22nd of November, the students of Grades 5/6 planted out 40 native trees on the back of their airstrip oval. All the students helped with spades and watering cans. This area backs onto the road that is used regularly by the football, netball and hockey clubs and leads to the Sporting Club. The trees were a variety of natives and will eventually provide shelter and privacy from the busy road. The trees are a hardy species, so they will survive in the harsh, dry conditions of the area. Thank you to Jenny Bibby for donating these trees to our school.

Mark McClay, Principal St Arnaud Primary School.

Planting trees.

Planting trees.


As Mark mentioned, these trees (40) were donated by Jenny Bibby. Jenny is the director of J.J. Kell & Son of St Arnaud. Jenny was fantastic to work with and was ‘on-board’ with the program before I even got the chance to finish my telephone spiel. She attended the tree planting day with the students and became very involved with the whole program.

Thank you Jenny for your enthusiasm and your support.

Slainte – Colleen