Koorlong Primary School.


Dear Colleen,

On Friday 26th July, 40 trees were planted by the Koorlong Primary School students to add to the ones provided by the local council for National Tree day. The trees were planted in a reserve adjacent to the school.  The school has permission from Parks Vic to plant there. Four of the Yelta Landcare Group assisted the school with the planting of the trees and a lot of fun was had by all in glorious sunshine. A huge thank you to Brad and Di Stanbrook from  G.J. Gardner Homes Mildura for supplying us with the trees.

Rae Jeffers Yelta Landcare.


Dripper system in place.


Buckets are good too.

G.J. Gardner Homes Mildura have been a fantastic support to numerous groups in the Sunraysia District by supplying them with trees. In this case, the trees have had drippers connected for watering during the up coming summer. You can see from the photos that the climate is very dry in Mildura, so any assistance for these seedlings to get water is very important for survival.

These kids look like they know what they are doing. Thank you to Rae Jeffers and Yelta Landcare for lending a helping hand.

Slainte – Colleen