Flexicar, the premier car sharing company in Melbourne are ‘on a roll’ in the tree planting scene and have helped plant out another forest of trees (600). On Friday 26th July, 50 students and teachers from the local primary school, planted 400 trees in only a few short hours. The other 200 trees were planted the very next day.

Kinglake Primary School Students.

Kinglake Primary School students at the Community Park.

Dear Colleen,

This site is important because it is an area that was devastated by the 2009 fires and the scars are everywhere to be seen. However, there is new growth and the place is lush and green and the community spirit strong. TOO RIGHT! (my words).

The aim is to re-vegetate the area to increase biodiversity and provide habitat for wildlife including the Greater Glider and Long-nosed Bandicoot that live in the adjacent Number Two Creek Reserve.

We would like to thank  Fifteen Trees and their supporters for providing the trees for this important project.

Chris Coburn, Upper Goulburn Landcare Network.

A huge thank you to Simon Bracken, the Marketing Manager at Flexicar who has taken this project on. As a bike commuter and green enthusiast, Simon did not need any convincing to support our native forests through Fifteen Trees.

Slainte – Colleen