October 28, 2021

From Pollen with Love!

Sometimes all it takes to make quite a significant difference in the world is to read an email. Did you know that for every person who becomes a Fifteen Trees subscriber, we plant a tree? That’s right, simply sign up to receive our monthly e-newsletters and a tree will be planted on your behalf. Plus, you’ll have an inbox full of interesting stories and articles, information on upcoming events, and an opportunity to enter our regular eco-competitions.


Photo by Christin Hume


Thanks to the generous team at Pollen Consulting Group, we have been able to purchase and plant 730 trees for our 730  Out On A Limb subscribers for 2021.


We should all be conscious of the world we live in and that we try our best to hand it over to the next generation in a better position than we inherited it. Planning tree’s for Pollen to be a negative carbon business is an important part of the role we play and we love working with Fifteen trees who make sure our contributions go straight into the ground in a meaningful way.

Paul Eastwood | Chief Executive Officer | Pollen Consulting Group


The trees were planted at 2 sites in Tasmania by members of LandcareTAS.

SITE A. Trees were planted just outside Seymour, TAS. Preparation began by mowing the grass and laying out all the stakes roughly 3 metres apart. The trees were planted in already fenced areas on the property to limit access to the seedlings by wildlife and sheep. Species include: Acacia Melanoxylon, Callistemon Pallidus,  Callistemon Viridiflorus and Hakea Nodosa. All trees were purchased from Waratah Materials, facilitated by Landcare Tasmania.

The planting took place over several days by Paul and Allison Peacock.


Small trees planted in a line.
Well guarded trees.


Site B.  It was a challenge to schedule a planting day with the Friends of Collinsvale because the Brumby family had a newborn baby with an unpredictable sleep schedule. So, Ruben and Sarah decided to plant themselves when they had the opportunity. Due to heavy clay soil they pre-dug holes, cleared weeds and mulched.  The couple methodically planted a band of plants that supports local wildlife, links with the nearby bush reserve and revegetates cleared farmland.

Some of the species included: Acacia melanoxylon, Acacia riceana, Callistemon pallidus, Callistemon viridiflorus, Diplarrena moraea, Eucalyptus amygdalina, Eucalyptus dalrympleana, Eucalyptus ovata, Eucalyptus sieberi


Trees beside a lake
Subscriber’s trees at Collinsvale, TAS.


Thank you to Paul and the team from Pollen for generously purchasing these trees for our subscribers. And thank you to those who subscribe to our monthly e-news Out On A Limb. There is a little tree growing in Tasmania with your name on it (metaphorically).


Article by Colleen Filippa

Colleen established Fifteen Trees in 2009 and over the course of 12 years, with the help from generous supporters, has distributed almost 250,000 trees to community groups across Australia.


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