Ever since Fifteen Trees was established (2009), we have proudly been a part of the Sustainable Living Festival.

Cool dude from The Brew Company.

Cool dude from The Brew Company.

This year was no exception. It is always a great event, with unbelievable guest speakers, exhibitors and street theatre.

Instant clothes swapping fun.

Instant clothes swapping fun.

At my stall, I got to meet up with some old friends and talk with people who are doing amazing things for our planet. I took the opportunity to sell individual trees to those who called past. This year (if my maths holds up), I sold 140 trees. These trees were earmarked for the Brisbane Ranges.

Silent Disco (you sort of had to be there).

Silent Disco (you sort of had to be there).

A huge thank you to Natasha, Emily, Alison (wanted a tree planted in memory of her mother Jean Erskine), Laetitia, Lisa (from Open Space Consulting), Dave, Rachel, Fionnuala (wanted 2 trees planted for Dermot Spillane and Eamon), Ross (Greening Australia Queensland), Isabel, Emre, Anna (wanted a tree planted as a gift for Maeve McNells), Jaume, Judi (Monash Uni), Carmel (who wanted 2 trees planted on the behalf of her mother, The Mallee Girl), Helen, Julia and Carol (wanted a tree planted for Carol Pye).  These individual trees added up to 20.

Then we had Robyn Cootes, Andrew Herington, Margaret Sawyer, Jennifer Forest, Karen Sullivan from Traveling Stranger,  Jo Wilbow from Black Pebble Design (Jo creates amazing environmental conscious and socially responsible interiors) and Helen Pritchard all chipping in for 15 trees each.

Since the festival, Carol Anderson contacted me to have another 30 trees planted, of which 15 were to be planted for friend Cindy Smith (celebrating 30 years in their mother’s group) and 15 in memory of Carol’s mother.

Thank you to all who called past my stall, stopped to chat and buy a tree or 15. Your support has enabled 140 trees to be planted across at 2 amazing Brisbane Ranges sites at the properties of Staude & Knox and Sharkey & family.

Jacki Staude and Alistair Knox have a small property nestled on the Eastern slopes of the Brisbane Ranges. They have several horses and are a familiar sight riding in the foothills of the ranges. Jacki and Alistair planted their 30 trees to fill in some existing plantations. They are planning to establish a variety of vegetation to support local native wildlife (especially birds).


Straud and Knox

Eric Sharkey and family received 110 trees from Fifteen Trees and put these to good use along their fence lines.



Until next year’s Sustainable Living Festival – Slainte – Colleen