Tanya and Chris Dell from G.J. Gardner Homes Launceston have once again generously supported tree planting in their district this winter. This time to the tune of 330 trees. That makes 465 all up.








Monique Case (Northern Midlands Council’s Natural Resource Management Facilitator) writes ..

“Pisa in the Cressy district of the Northern Midlands Tasmania has a long history of landcare activities.  So when the opportunity to plant more trees to enhance local biodiversity came up the group were happy to participate.  The 330 trees provided by GJG Launceston were planted in two areas that had top notch site preparation. The areas were sprayed a number of times (to deal with competition), they were mound ploughed and then fenced to exclude stock access.  On the 15th of July 2014 Will Morrison from Pisa and myself spent a few hours together planting the Tasmanian native species that were supplied from Habitat Nursery”.


Thank you to Monique Case and Will Morrison (pictured) for finding a home for the trees and taking such good care with the planting.

Slainte – Colleen