3 09, 2020

Frolicking Gently on the Earth.

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Ballarat Frolic Festival is Ballarat’s very own LGBTQ+ arts and culture festival. It’s hard to understate the importance of local festivals to LGBTQ+ communities. Everyone deserves to feel safe and valued in the streets of their hometown, but in traditionally conservative regional areas acceptance of difference can be slow. Frolic provides a safe space to celebrate the rich creative talents of Ballarat’s queer community.     Last year (2109) was [...]

18 02, 2020


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  As one of our most challenging Australian summers ever, drags towards autumn, many of us are feeling a sadness that’s a little hard to articulate. Maybe we catch a passing news byte and learn that Tasmania’s kelp forests are dying. Maybe it’s an image of dead fish in the Darling that brings tears to our eyes. Sometimes it’s a shattering new economic reality, for others it’s a heart-wrenching loss [...]

22 08, 2019

Organic Crew – making a difference!

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Mel Lechte is an escapee from corporate industry. Disillusioned by the focus on profit and quick turnarounds over people and planet, she founded Organic Crew. Organic Crew is a sustainable, ethical, environmentally responsible clothing brand based in Melbourne. With a mantra of Be Informed, Be Involved and make a Difference, it is not surprising that Mel was keen to work with Fifteen Trees. Organic Crew currently donates sixty trees per [...]

1 07, 2019

The couple behind Angus & Celeste.

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If you enjoy wandering round quirky, chic homewares shops you’re probably familiar with Angus & Celeste. For those that haven’t wandered in quite the right direction, Angus & Celeste is a Victorian ceramics studio that has become known for its distinctive modern Australian aesthetic. Delicate gum leaves, sprays of native flowers; the shapes, colours and textures of the Victorian landscape – all find their way on and into Angus & [...]

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