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6 12, 2018

Sell a home and plant 5 trees

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Clients who sell their homes through Hocking Stuart (Ballarat), now have another reason to choose this local real estate company. As a thank you to their customers, Hocking Stuart (through Fifteen Trees) plants 5 trees for every home sold. The trees are sourced from local independent nurseries (in this case, Ballarat Wildplants) and planted by community groups such as Landcare, school groups and societies such as The Ballarat Progress Society.   [...]

17 01, 2013

“My gift to the Earth”.

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The above quote was what John Toman wrote when he offered to buy trees from me to distribute to community groups for planting. Some of the 145 trees planted at Balliang. John's 60 trees went out to The Brisbane Ranges (west of Melbourne) along with 45 trees from Tony Douglass, director at  Ballarat Hocking Stuart Real Estate, 15 trees from Felix Junker and 10 trees from Ohnmar John [...]

10 11, 2011

Carbon offsetting in the Central Highlands.

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When you carbon offset your car or flight with Fifteen Trees, you get to see exactly where your trees have been planted and you directly support our rural environment and communities. Well planted natives along the fence line. Teresa from the Central Highlands district of Victoria has planted out 60 trees courtesy of Andrew Grant from  Golden Nugget Discovery Tours (15 trees) and Tony Douglass from Hocking Stuart Real [...]

10 10, 2010

Birch’s Creek

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"Hi Colleen, In the backgrounds you will see the damage the floods have caused .. the area was under about two metres of water so hopefully those trees just planted will help stabilize the bank. A lot of water was wash(ed) down into the creek in the heavy downpours. It came down from Lord Harry Hill. So thank you for your offer of these trees, they will grow into a wonderful picture [...]