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8 07, 2019

EcoTreasure and Focus on Japan

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Showcasing Sydney’s beaches, marine parks and mountains, EcoTreasures is a Sydney, nature based company that specializes in local tours with an eco twist. Founder and owner, Damien McClellan is a big supporter of our native environment. Damien’s tours leaves his customers with a better appreciation of Australia’s unique wildlife, culture and heritage. In addition, Damien also regularly supports the conservation of our native environment by purchasing trees for community groups to [...]

14 08, 2018

Ecotreasures – a tour company with heart.

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Damien McClellan from EcoTreasures, is a big supporter of our native environment. Ecotreasures is a Sydney based company who specializes in eco tours that showcase Sydney's beaches and mountains. Damien has purchased 50 trees for a favourite site of ours ... Westgate Park. These trees have been planted on the behalf of IFSA.     The friends group behind the park Westgate Biodiversity have been working on a re-vegetation program at the park [...]

26 05, 2014

Moonambel Primary School, Victoria

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Cindy Veitch and her students from Moonambel have taken over the old oval at their school and are in the process of developing it into a native garden and reserve for wildlife. Their sustainability project will be a long term one and Fifteen Trees is delighted to be involved by supplying some of their first trees (60). The trees. From my understanding, the students dug 31 holes in [...]

27 09, 2012

Inglewood and Axedale, Victoria

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Last month 120 trees were distributed to 2 groups in central Victoria. Both groups sent in lovely photos of which I've included here.  Two fantastic companies and some great school kids have made these plantings possible. Hello Colleen, Here is a photos of the 60 trees and shrubs that we planted, we can't wait for them to grow.  L. Hecker. You may have to enlarge - but there are [...]

13 08, 2012

The Little Waterhole at Metcalfe.

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"All the trees donated by Fifteen Trees to the Metcalfe Landcare have been given wonderful homes by people who genuinely care about their little town and their local environment. Thank you to those who support Fifteen Trees who then in return support us. Photo by Mick Tubb One hundred and twenty trees went to the Mancuso family who planted out an eroded gully and creek bank. Pat Mancuso [...]