7 06, 2021

Collectively – We Can Make a difference!

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In the face of global challenges like climate change it can be so easy to feel overwhelmed. What difference can I make, me, one tiny person? But the thing is - it’s not just you. It’s me too. And her. And him, and them over there, and their friends, and the bus driver, and the salesperson, and old mate down the street, and on and on. It’s us. Together, as [...]

17 05, 2019

Sixteen Individuals and 270 trees.

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One cool day, on a wind swept hills of Yea (Central Victoria), 22 students (VCAL class), two teachers, a couple of land-owners and the local landcare co-ordinator planted 270 native trees. These trees were planted on the behalf of sixteen amazing individuals who have an understanding of the need to support rural landcare groups with their revegetation projects. And none are so deserving than the community of Murrindindi Shire of [...]

23 10, 2018

Trees for 4 fabulous people!

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Individuals make up a significant portion of our tree sales and are great contributors to our tree planting projects. We were able to plant another 100 trees at Flowerdale (Vic), thanks to the generosity of these fabulous four: Andrew Howard (40 trees), Llewellyn Wishart (15 trees), Charles Taliaferro (15trees) and Aliya Hutchison (15trees).   Flowerdale tree planting day.   We love it when we plant trees as gifts! In this case, we [...]

6 11, 2017

Eighteen supporters and 395 trees.

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Fifteen Trees relies on a number of individuals and companies to assistance us in supporting community tree planting projects. This month, we gathered up 18 supporters and had their trees (395) planted at the one site. Westgate Park, Melbourne. With the Westgate Bridge as a backdrop, the Friends of Westgate Park have now planted 4,000 trees generously supplied by supporters of Fifteen Trees. The group is engaged in a very successful [...]

5 04, 2017

Murrindindi Shire … plant trees!

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The Murrindindi Shire of Victoria have been working steadily to revegetate since the devastating 2010 Victorian fires when 173 people lost their lives and 414 were injured. The Landcare groups in this area, are some of hardest working ones in the country. To that end, supporters of Fifteen Trees have been supplying trees to them in their thousands. The Shire is located in a beautiful district, up in the hilly and [...]

23 03, 2016

Holligsworth Creek, Lismore, NSW.

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Eight individuals contributed to this re-vegetation project at Hollingsworth Creek (NSW). Their generosity, enabled Eli and her team from Wetland Care Australia and Conservation Volunteers to plant 400 trees along the banks of their local creek. Special heart-felt thanks to the generous support of these amazing people ... Sr Anne Boyd (30 trees) and Sr Louise Cleary (33 trees) from the St Brigidine Community, Anine who wanted trees 60 planted [...]

9 11, 2015

From Minnesota with love.

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Each semester, I receive an email from Prof Charles Taliaferro from St Olaf College in Minnesota USA, asking me to plant trees on the behalf of his philosophy students. This semester was no exception when Charles instructed me to plant 82 trees for his 82 students. I went a little further and planted 90. The trees went to 2 groups. Forty-five trees went out to a rural primary school at [...]

27 04, 2015

Tree planting at Dalyup (WA)

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Hello Colleen, Thanks to Fifteen Trees supporters, we have been able to plant out 300 trees along the creek line at Dalyup. We have been working at this site for some time and the area was a very badly degraded spot before fencing and planting. Our local high school students pitched in on the day to help plant. Dorothy Henderson Executive Officer, Esperance Regional Forum, Esperance WA. Dalyup is a [...]

8 12, 2014

Trees as a thank you.

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Professor Charles Taliaferro from St Olaf College in Minnesota USA has been such a great supporter of our tree planting efforts here in 'the land down under'. This time round, Charles wanted 15 trees planted on the behalf of - Heidi and Ivy; Tony and Becky; Kris and Jilm; Noricko and Stephen; Tom and Katie; Almut; Katie and Tom; Alex; Jared; Barclay; Eric and Liz; Audry; Marcus; Dr. Sally Engebritson [...]

13 10, 2014

Manangatang P – 12

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Along the Mallee highway towards the top north western corner of Victoria you will stumble across the small rural township of Manangatang (pop 3200). Nestled in this wheat and sheep country is the tiny school of Manangatang P-12. Donna Barry is the President of the Parents and Friends group and she contacted Fifteen Trees looking for support for the school's tree planting program. I was delighted to help out with [...]

6 09, 2014

Pentland Hills (Vic).

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The Pentland Hills district of Victoria is roughly 50 km west north-west of Melbourne. If you have ever traveled up to Ballarat (by road or rail) you will at some stage find yourself weaving through these hills. This district has its own micro-climate. The weather will suddenly change from sunshine to howling winds and rain, the road signs will light up with flashing 'slippery with wet' warnings, fog will fall [...]

24 11, 2013

Rillassante Uliveto, Koroit Vic.

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Dear Colleen, Thank you for the opportunity to receive some trees (120) through your Fifteen Trees program. My wife and son helped to put the seedlings into the ground. We selected native trees from our local nursery (Codrington) to encourage the native animals onto our property. We planted Sugar Gums, Blackwoods  and Flowering Eucalyptus.  Chris Alsop, Rillassante Uliveto, Koroit. One small Blackwood seedling. Chris planted the trees in [...]

8 11, 2013

Trees support from Minnesota (US).

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Charles Taliaferro from St Olaf College in Minnesota US has contacted Fifteen Trees asking us to plant some trees (45) on the College's behalf.  A quick look at the College's website shows strong sustainable policies. I particularly like their Green Bike program which encourages and supports students to bike ride around the campus. The bike-share program even runs workshops to teach student some skills around maintaining their own bikes. Australian [...]

20 04, 2013

Learmonth Community Gardens, Vic.

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Dear Colleen, The Friends of Learmonth are very grateful for the donation by supporters of Fifteen Trees for the 250 native, indigenous plants which we have  planted in our Community Garden to complement the screening by the larger natives. The Community garden is a community initiative which continues to evolve. The location of the block is at the entrance to Learmonth and so we hope it will become a welcome [...]

17 01, 2013

“My gift to the Earth”.

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The above quote was what John Toman wrote when he offered to buy trees from me to distribute to community groups for planting. Some of the 145 trees planted at Balliang. John's 60 trees went out to The Brisbane Ranges (west of Melbourne) along with 45 trees from Tony Douglass, director at  Ballarat Hocking Stuart Real Estate, 15 trees from Felix Junker and 10 trees from Ohnmar John [...]

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