Friends of Fifteen Trees Memberships 


Did you know that the average Australian has a annual lifestyle carbon footprint of 15,000 kg. Over its lifetime, a tree collects 268kg of carbon. Therefore to collect a year’s carbon emissions you need to plant 60 trees (1500 / 268 = 56 trees). Imagine, if you could reduce your carbon footprint to zero. Imagine, if we could plant all the trees you need planted to achieve that goal!

Golden Lights by Angela Fry

This is a call-out to all our individual supporters and subscribers who feel as if they are ready to step up their contribution to help support our native environment.

We know Australia is in dire shape; rivers are being mismanaged, huge acres of bushland is being cut down in Queensland, Tasmania has a new battle to save the Tarkine, Victorians are battling to establish the Great National Park. It can be so overwhelming and paralyzing. We know we have many friends of Fifteen Trees and we want to include you in something special. And maybe help move you past the feeling of helplessness to one of action and community.

Please consider joining our ‘Friends of Fifteen Trees’ Memberships. 


What are the benefits of joining?

  • 60 trees planted annually on your behalf. That’s $4.80/tree. Roughly 1 tree for every week of the year, 
  • postcard from your trees (bragging rights for your fridge),
  • a direct link to your trees via the Fifteen Trees website,
  • quarterly e-news about specials, competitions and promotions,
  • carbon certificate.


1. Buy 60 trees via credit card and PayPal (you don’t have to be a member of PayPal to use their service).


2. Alternatively, organise a monthly payment through your bank, or on PayPal.



We have hit our target of 60 memberships for 2019. Thank you to everyone who joined up and purchased 60 trees. That equates to 3,600 trees (60 X 60)! We have earmarked these trees to go to Tasmania Landcare for planting this winter/spring. More info here on where the trees are going.
New memberships are encouraged. Please note that your trees will be planted in Victoria in 2020.
Sláinte (Irish for cheers) – Colleen

We are all part of the solution! Together we can make a world of difference. We are gathering! Will you join us?