According to Sustainability Victoria, the average Australian lifestyle produces 15,000kg of carbon per year. If that sounds like a lot, it is! Over its lifetime, a tree can collect and store 268kg. This means, we each need to plant 58 trees per year to bring our individual carbon production down to zero. A little tricky for most of us to do in our own backyards, and this is where Fifteen Trees comes in. We can plant these 60 (we’ve rounded up) trees on your behalf.


Individual memberships for 2021 are now open!


We set up Friends of Fifteen Trees Memberships in 2019, aiming to find people willing to purchase 60 trees each. We had a great response and collected 60 memberships. And that meant 3,600 trees for Landcare Groups in Tasmania. Here is the report for those trees.


Last year, we ‘upped the ante’ and aimed for 100 members. That equated to 100 X 60 = 6,000 trees! We offered those trees to fire affected community groups in Victoria (Gippsland) for their revegetation projects as well as community groups in Tasmania and Western Australia, who were working on environmental projects. Here is the full report of those trees.

Individual memberships for 2021 are now open!


We know Australia is in dire shape; rivers are being mismanaged, huge areas of bushland are being cut down in Queensland, Tasmania has a new battle to save the Tarkine, Victorians are battling to establish the Great National Park, and don’t even mention Adani (or should we say Bravus)!! And last summer we saw the worst  bushfires in living history. It can be overwhelming and paralysing to see such devastation. And so, we want to include you in something special. And maybe help move you past the feeling of helplessness to one of action and community. We’d love you to consider becoming a Friend of Fifteen Trees.


What are the benefits of joining Friends of Fifteen Trees?

  • 60 trees planted annually on your behalf to reduce your carbon footprint for 12 months, 
  • a postcard from your trees (bragging rights for your fridge),
  • car sticker (Yeah! I’m carbon neutral),
  • invite to our annual tree planting day on National Tree Day, Sunday July 25th (venue to be announced),
  • a direct link to your trees via the Fifteen Trees website.

You can choose to purchase the 60 trees outright ($4.30/tree), total price $260.00 or with 12 monthly payments of $24/month ($4.80/tree), total price $288.00.


Please see below for payment options.

1. Buy 60 trees outright with your credit card via PayPal. You don’t need to sign up to PayPal to use their facilities.

2. Alternatively, organise a monthly payment of $24/month via PayPal. You don’t need to sign up to PayPal to use their facilities.



3. Make payment via direct deposit.

Bendigo Bank / BSB 633 000/ Account 137 687 554


3.  Cheque/money order.

Fifteen Trees/ PO Box 1719 / Bakery Hill / Victoria 3354

Fifteen Trees members come from all walks of life, and hail from the widest variety of professions. We have artists, management professionals, yogis, teachers, students, activists, small business owners, musicians, retirees and more. What all of our members have in common is, the desire to ask themselves what more they can do for the planet we all share.


We are all part of the solution!

Together we can make a world of difference.

Will you join us?



Friends of Fifteen Trees 2019 REPORT

Friends of Fifteen Trees 2020 REPORT