Fifteen Trees can help your reduce the carbon emissions of your flight.

Determine how many trees you need by using the table below. Trees cost $6.30/each (incl GST).  All flights are from Australia and calculated at a return flight rate for one person. Simply half the number of trees if you are traveling one way.

Travel safely and tread lightly!



Number of trees planted

    Cost                 (incl GST)

Within Australia 6 $37.80
Asia 24 $151.20
Africa 34 $241.20
British Isles 40 $252.00
Europe 34 $241.20
Indonesia 10 $63.00
Middle East 28 $176.40
New Zealand 10 $63.00
North America 40 $252.00
South America 32 $201.60

Want a closer estimate? Simple! Number of hours in the air = number of trees.



We encourage businesses to look at reducing their company’s flying footprint by letting us plant trees on your behalf.

In return you will also receive:

* a placement of your company on our website with a direct link to your website,

* use of the Web entry (photos of your trees and the written comments) for your own promotional material (e.g. newsletters and website).

Reducing your footprint is another step forward in the quest to take responsibility for our part in global climate change.

Contact Melinda at <[email protected]> to discuss your requirements.