Shaw Contract is all about foundations. Their core business is quite literally the world beneath our feet: floor coverings. They talk a lot about stability, sustainability, resilience and support, all key words that resonate strongly with us here at Fifteen Trees.

tree planting

The Shaw Contract team on corp tree planting day at Narmbool Thursday April 29th

Shaw Contract put its broader sustainability credentials into practice recently with a tree planting day at one of our Golden Plains sites, the historic and beautiful Narmbool property. Shaw Contract had committed to planting 500 trees (and providing 500 guards to go with them!) to help reduce its carbon footprint.

We absolutely adore it when our planting partners get their hands dirty. Call us biased, but in terms of corporate team and morale building, is there really anything more satisfying than getting out of the office and onto the land? Planting trees you know will contribute to future habitat and land regeneration is surely infinitely more rewarding than a plate of muffins and a whiteboard in some faceless hotel. It also lets staff know, in a very hands-on way, that their employer is walking the talk when it comes to the environment.

tree planting

The Shaw Contract team hard at work

Commercial floor coverings, including carpet tiles, broadloom, and vinyl, might not be the first thing we notice when we step into a space, but they’re vital to creating a cohesive, safe and supportive environment. A functional indoor ecosystem. Likewise, that modest seedling plugging away on a hillside at Narmbool might not get a second glance…but it’s a vital part of a complex natural ecosystem. Shaw Contract gets it, and we were thrilled to spend a productive day with their enthusiastic team.

If you’d like to sponsor and organise a corporate planting day but aren’t sure how to go about it, get in touch and we can have a chat about how to make it happen.

Colleen Filippa | Director + Founder | Fifteen Trees