Running since 1999, is the largest linux and open source conference in the Asia-Pacific region. For techno-luddites like us, linux.conf is a conference for people who know a lot about the inner workings of operating systems and data, and who use this knowledge to connect and engage communities all over the world. The linux conference itself is a festival of expertise and ideas delivered by leaders in the field, and a rich platform for education, inspiration, and collaboration.



For the 2021 conference, held in late January, organisers planted 1 tree for every attendee, and 15 trees on behalf of each presenter.

This came to a grand total of 1069 trees!

The tech world might seem at first glance to be entirely removed from the natural world. But as linux experts in particular realise – everything is interconnected. Firstly, there is the simple fact that every component of every computer system in the world is ultimately reliant on natural and often finite resources. Secondly, what is technology for if not to create a better world? It makes perfect sense to us that an event fundamentally centred on working together would plant trees.



Linking trees to attendance figures is a simple and rewarding way to mitigate the environmental impact of a large event. Gifting trees to presenters is also a beautiful gesture of appreciation with benefits that will last well beyond the post-conference glow.


Open grassy forest, with fencing protect the seedlings from grazers.


Our congratulations to the organisers, presenters and attendees for kicking off the new year with a hugely successful conference. We have planted your trees in the beautiful district of Murrindindi, VIC. Members of the Upper Goulburn Landcare Network (UGLN) recently did a great job planting these trees on a revegetation site within a significant conservation area of  grassy forest.


Members of UGLN.


Are you planning a conference or event? We’d love to help you run a small footprint one! Check out some of our ideas towards that can help you and contact Mel at <[email protected]> if you’d like us to plant some trees on your behalf. One tree per attendee is a great place to start.


Colleen Filippa | Director & Founder | Fifteen Trees