Earth’s climate is changing.

Kids need to know what is happening, why, and how it will affect them in the future.



This drawing competition was offered to kids (4 – 14) to help them take action to slow climate change. Fifteen Trees  offered to PLANT ONE TREE for everyone who entered a drawing. Over the course of the 2 month competition, 2630 drawings from 33 countries were  submitted. 
               – This means that now we need to go out and plant 2630 trees – 
The trees will be planted  over the winter month in stages. As the trees are planted, this blogpost will be updated.

Site A Ballarat. VIC (60 trees) 37.5622° S, 143.8503° E

The first lot of trees have been planted by the Blamganie Meredith Landcare Group headed by Nick Mckinley. The trees were integrated into ongoing projects where numerous landholders are protecting and enhancing remnant vegetation. To protect the seedlings, fencing has been erected to exclude stock. For further protection, all trees have been planted with tree guards (plastic sleeves and stakes) to discourage rabbits and to create a perfect micro-climate for the new seedlings. Some of the trees planted included silver wattle, golden wattle, broad-leafed peppermint, manna gum, swamp gun and candle-bark. 

These trees have been generously donated to the #kidscareaboutclimate campaign by Leigh and Emma.



You can help us amplify the outcome of this contest by purchasing extra trees for us to plant for these kids.

Here are a few ways you can make payment. Trees $4.80 /each. Ensure you mention ‘kidscareaboutclimate‘ so we know where to direct the funds.

  • Cheque
Fifteen Trees/ PO Box 1719 / Bakery Hill / Victoria 3354
  • Direct payment to bank.
Bendigo Bank / BSB 633 000/ Account 137 687 554
  • Phone
Phone us direct and we can take your credit card details. Mobile –  0400 040659
  • PayPal

Purchase trees



And if all this tree planting isn’t great enough, all drawings will be part of a giant (7m X 5m) banner that will be visiting iconic forests around the world. Forests in Australia, Indonesia, Brazil, Amazon, Southeast Asia, the USA and Canada. Stay tuned for updates on this banner.


This drawing competition has been organised by Marji Puotinen, a W.A research scientist with a passion for science communication. It is being supported by Colleen Filippa, founder and director of Fifteen Trees.