People from all walks of life can do things each day to reduce their carbon footprint and make their routine more eco-friendly. Becoming an environmental warrior doesn’t require a superhero-like effort. Something as simple as getting your super & investments out of one of the big 4 banks* or going green with your energy provider.

And then there are those eco-warriors, who purchase trees to enable us to support Australian community tree planting projects.

Thank you to the following who all purchased 15 trees;

  • Geoffrey Bergen,
  • Alicia Ryan,
  • David Lloyd Goode,
  • Jess Powell who purchased trees for friends Michelle, Bek and Jon,
  • Sian Ziesing-Clark as a Christmas gift to Kieran Ziesing,
  • Han Hayman as a Christmas gift to Alice,
  • Peter McCracken for birthday friend Lisa Calafiore.


Trees at Toolern Vale, VIC.


And thank you to those who purchased 30 trees;

  • Emily Paige Duggan,
  • Lisa Kinder who purchased trees for Adair’s 50th birthday (happy birthday Adair),
  • John Evans who purchased the trees as a wedding gift for his niece and god-daughter Kitty and her fiancé Kyle. We wish you all the absolute best for your eco-future together!


The bettroved . Kyle and Kitty.



The trees (all up 195) were planted with The Australian Dingo Foundation, a wildlife refuge at Toolern Vale, VIC. This group is revegetating the native flora at their wildlife reserve with a wide array of plant species that were originally on the site. The native vegetation will help minimise erosion as well as contribute to plant conservation.

The Foundation aims to preserve and conserve the gene pool of the original dingo and educate the public on the species ecological function in Australian ecosystems.



Thank you to everyone listed above for your contribution to our community tree planting groups. By providing them with trees, they are able to confidently plan their revegetation projects knowing that they have trees to plant.

Colleen Filippa |Director & Founder | Fifteen Trees

*More information here about divestment from The Climate Council.