We are delighted to announce that Canopy Fitouts have purchased 500 trees for one of our favourite Melbourne sites – Westgate Park, Port Melbourne. And next month, the team will be joining us, on site, to plant the trees. Westgate Park is a ‘work in process’ with the volunteers working to transform the park into a natural bushland for all of Melbourne to enjoy. The addition of 500 trees will certainly help with this transformation.





Canopy Fitouts’ name was inspired by the way the forest canopy shelters and protects the rest of the forest so it can thrive, it stays close to our vision to create inspiring workplaces that encourage and enrichen the lives of workplace inhabitants to build and grow successful organisations.  We take the challenge and uncertainty to help guide our clients into making decisions that allow them to build successful organisations and we take the stress out of the process so they can get on and do what they do best much like how the canopy helps protect the forest.

Man-made canopies serve the same purpose, they provide protection and give space and boundaries. At Canopy Fitouts they value beautiful work spaces, and now they are working towards a beautiful space for the people of Melbourne.

We are really excited to help give back to the environment so we would love you to help donate or pick up a shovel and help Canopy build a Canopy!

Canopy Fitouts | Melbourne


You can support by purchasing trees:

Join Canopy Fitouts on Friday June 25th at Westgate Park (9:30am – 12:30pm) to help plant

– OR –

Allow Canopy Fitouts to plant on your behalf.


Help reduce your carbon footprint by purchasing a tree or two or 50! Trees costs $6.30. If you’d like to donate, please do so via our Go Fund Me page https://gofund.me/2452b37e and let Canopy Fitouts know via [email protected] if you’d like to join them on the day or if they are planting on your behalf.


We will be taking photos and videos on the day of this fun event, and all imagery will be posted to this page as well as Canopy Fitouts website and socials.



 Once the trees have been planted, this blogpost will be updated with photos, stories and video. All contributors will be featured in this blogpost.


Colleen Filippa | Founder and Director | Fifteen Trees