TAPwines is a contemporary keg-style system of wine storage and service that significantly reduces waste, landfill, and manufacturing emissions. Andrew De Angelis and his innovative team at TAPwines plants one tree for every wine keg that is refilled with their beautiful Italian wines.


Some scenes from Koala Clancy’s tree planting day.


This year, TAPWines has helped us to plant another 1200 native trees for the wild koala populations of the YouYangs, VIC. The organisation behind the actual planting is the Koala Clancy Foundation. Until Covid-19 reared its head and restrictions were issued for Victoria, both TAPwines and Fifteen Trees were geared up to plant with volunteers from Koala Clancy. Unfortunately, like many events this year, our tree planting days were cancelled. However, the trees had been propagated and need to be planted, and so with a small band of hardworking volunteers, Koala Clancy have continued to go out and plant trees. Huge thank you to these industrious people.


With the help of a wonderful company such as TAPwines and our local landowners, we are putting back the River Red Gum forests of the You Yangs, VIC. By the end of this tree planting season, we will have planted 9,000 trees along the tributaries, drainage lines, river edge forests and fill bends. There are benefits for koalas, birds, reptiles and invertebrates as well as enormous benefits to the river.

Janine Duffy | President | Koala Clancy Foundation


Each and every tree is protected by tree guards.


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Writer – Colleen Filippa | Founder and Director | Fifteen Trees