In a successful career as a dancer, Miss Tahnee has made her way around the world….Paris, London, Barcelona, Hong Kong. In 2013, Miss Tahnee moved her growing family back to Australia and to sunny Queensland. There she decided to build a dance school with a difference. Miss Tahnee believes that dance should be fun, with the purpose of building confidence and self worth.

TAHNEE AND THE TREEHOUSE, with its unique and extraordinary way of teaching dance, was born.

Why a Treehouse?

  • Because a Treehouse is where stories are told, where imagination begins.
  • It is a place for kids, built by kids and loved by kids.
  • It is a secret place and a place they can call their own.
  • Inside a Treehouse a child will soar on creative wings, they will play, relate to others and they will believe they can fly to wherever their imaginations will take them.

When Miss Tahnee asked us to plant 100 trees on her behalf (one for every student in her unique dance school), we were delighted! More trees for our planet? Absolutely.

The trees were planted in the beautiful Western District of Victoria at Illawarra by Katja Fiedler. The trees will improve the biodiversity and entice native animals back into what was once intense farming land.

Thank you so much for this generous sponsorship. These trees will help us to diversify our native stock on the block, create wind breaks, reduce our carbon footprint and attract bees and birds.

Katja Fiedler | Landholder | Illawarra


Katja goes planting!


IMG_1496 Watch a short video showing the site of these trees.


Thank you Miss Tahnee for your generous support of our native environment. For the next 500+ years, these trees will be dancing in the wind, just like the little ones at your school are dancing today.



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Writer – Colleen Filippa | Founder and Director | Fifteen Trees