Omni Business and Accounting Solutions is a Ballarat based business up for the challenge of sorting out your bookkeeping, and keen to do it in a sustainable way. Omni, with sixteen years’ experience in the field, has untangled numerous accounting issues for its clients in 2020. It has also partnered with Fifteen Trees to plant 100 trees.

Nicole Simmons. Out on her daily walk.


Omni founder Nicole Simmons is highly motivated to run her small business in an ethical, environmentally friendly way. Every day, rain hail or shine (okay, maybe not hail…) she wakes at the crack of dawn and walks round one of the jewels in Ballarat’s crown – Lake Wendouree. Lake Wendouree is a place of remarkable natural beauty in the middle of a bustling city, bursting with native birds and other animals. It’s also a reminder of what we stand to lose if we can’t mitigate the environmental impact of human activity.


The Murrundindi region of Central Victoria, another area of outstanding natural beauty, has felt the sharp edge of climate change in recent decades. From devasting bushfires, through diminishing habitat, to the more insidious changes in temperature and rainfall that alter native flora growth patterns, the region has taken a battering. It needs us, and it needs the trees provided by generous sponsors like Omni Business and Accounting Solutions.


Williamson family.


Volunteers from the Upper Goulburn Landcare Network planted Omni’s trees this year. Those 100 seedlings will join the fight against land degradation and deforestation, provide shelter for native fauna, and help offset the impact of Omni’s business activities.


Anyone who spends enough time in nature tends to develop a strong urge to look after it. We’re convinced, like Nicole, that a daily walk by the water or under the trees can only do good. Both for the walker, and for the planet.



If you would like to know more about sponsoring community tree planting projects and how we can assist you in becoming a more sustainable business, please Contact Melinda at <[email protected]>.



Writer – Sarah Hart.

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