Paul McCuskey and Jason Neil, from Ballarat building company MacNeil Group are continuing their support of tree planting communities and their revegetation projects. This year, 200 of their trees went to Barfold, VIC while another 40 trees went to Campbell’s Bridge, VIC. These trees will help reduce the carbon emissions of their 8 company cars (15 trees per car).


‘The Macneil Group have been reducing our carbon footprint of our vehicles with Fifteen Trees for the last 8 years. Vehicles are an important part of our business, being able to reduce their carbon footprint by providing trees for community groups is great initiative’. Paul McCuskey.




Jim Kanlidis from the Campaspe Valley Landcare Group was delighted to receive 200 trees. He has planted them as part of a native fauna bio link to join 2 separate bushland areas. The trees were a mixture of Yellow Box, Red Gum, Lightwood, Blackwood and Prickly Tea Tree.


Jim with his side-kick Lachy.


Campbell’s Bridge, Callawadda, VIC.


Andrew Borg (Buloke and Northern Grampians Landcare Facilitator) was also delighted with his trees. They were planted by Landcare members Scott and Laura. This couple are also planting a bio link to connect fragmented bushland on either side of their property in Callawadda.

Thank you to Paul and Jason for your continued commitment to the endeavours of Landcare members to revegetate areas of their farmland back into beautiful native bushland.

Here at Fifteen Trees, we are always happy to have a chat about the best way to incorporate CSR into your organisation. It’s a lovely way to connect with the broader community and reduce some of your company’s environmental impacts. If interested, please contact Melinda at <>.

Sláinte – Colleen