Educational World Travel (EWT) is a fully accredited (ATAS) travel agent specialising in student group travel. They have been helping students with their travel plans for the past 25 years and offer a range of tours and destinations. EWT ensures every program runs safely, is rich in learning experiences and supports students to discover, appreciate and understand the world they live in.


And now, though Fifteen Trees EWT are offering their students the option to travel with a small carbon footprint by purchasing trees for Australian community groups to plant.



Recently, Fifteen Trees planted 30 trees on the behalf of EWT. The trees were planted at Campbell’s Bridge near Callawadda.

The trees will contribute to the start of a biodiversity project that will see more established plantings joined by native habitat to a nearby dam. Providing a safe wildlife corridor between shelter and water is essential for most species’ survival, especially in dry climates like the Wimmera. Linking vital resources also prevents species existing in islands, where they can become more vulnerable to disease, predators, or inbreeding. This doesn’t just include animals and birds either – insects, fungi and plants use habitat corridors too. The end result of a well-planned wildlife corridor project is a complex, resilient, balanced ecosystem with the capacity to sustain itself.



Thank you to the team behind EWT, Fifteen Trees is delighted to be a part of EWT’s bank of community service projects they support. As student begin to travel again, we hope that they will choose ‘buy a tree’ option and help reduce the carbon footprint of their travel. Who knows … maybe we can plant a EWT forest!


Hello to all EWT students who are thinking about purchasing native trees for Australia. If do you decide to purchase, your trees will be a mixture of gum trees and wattle trees. After a couple of years, these trees will provide homes to native Australian animals such as koalas, possums, owls, bats and a host of invertebrates such as caterpillars, spiders and insects. Seeds from these trees will drop onto the ground to make new trees. The trees you purchase will help grow new areas of native bushland.


Here at Fifteen Trees, we are always happy to have a chat about the best way to incorporate CSR into your organisation. It’s a lovely way to connect with the broader community and offset some of your company’s environmental impacts. If interested, please get contact Colleen at <>.


Colleen Filippa / Director and Founder / Fifteen Trees