The Evoke Building Group has been servicing Ballarat for over fifteen years. They can do it all – build a home from scratch, extend an existing building, craft a pergola, or put together a house and land package. Evoke prides itself on its use of local expertise and its knowledge of the region. We think Evoke should also be proud of its engagement with the community and commitment to reducing the environmental impact of its business activities.


Evoke has partnered with Fifteen Trees to purchase trees every quarter. It links purchases with projects, as well as adding an extra fifteen trees for every vehicle in its fleet (currently eight). In the most recent planting season Evoke has sponsored 332 trees.


Eucalcama Back Creek, Campaspe River, VIC.


Evoke trees (332) have been planted by 2 members of the Campaspe Valley Landcare at Kyneton, VIC. David planted 300 trees along the Metcalfe-Langley Rd, and Susan planted another 35 on her property adjacent to the Campaspe River. They will form a vital part of regeneration projects along the Campaspe River. Hundreds of years of intensive farming practices and the introduction of invasive exotic species have created all sorts of issues for the Campaspe Valley. Its willing and committed volunteers are particularly focused on weed eradication, which includes planting and nurturing indigenous flora.


We had a successful planting day recently placing over 300 plants along the East Metcalfe-Langley Rd, just east of the bridge over the Campaspe River.  So we should now have a warm inner glow when we pass these small ‘forests’ of tree guards on our trips in to Kyneton to do the shopping. Huge thank you to Evoke Group for the sponsorship of these trees.

David Cheal | Communications Secretary | Campaspe Valley Landcare


Susan and friend.


Our plantings are designed to continue to reintroduce biodiversity to the area which is basically farmland. We are hoping to bring back native fauna to the area particularly bees and birds with our choice of plants. The Manna gums are to encourage more koalas into the area with a view to adding more of them to the wildlife corridors we are creating.

Susan | Member | Campaspe Valley Landcare


Evoke’s trees are going to become part of the fabric of the landscape, just like the houses it builds. We are proud to partner with a builder who takes a responsible and far-sighted approach to its impact on the environment. May both houses and trees prosper for many decades to come!



Thank you to Shannon and the entire team behind EVOKE for your generous support of our community tree planting projects in Victoria. If you would like to also support our projects, please contact Melinda <>


Article by Sarah Hart

Sarah is an artist whose passions include the stories and experiences of women and narrative driven creative work. Her aim is to delight, to reveal glimpses of everyday beauty, and to celebrate flights of the ordinary. Sarah works across a range of media, with an abiding interest in pen and ink, mixed media and the human form. You can find more of Sarah’s work here.


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