ATPI are world leading travel and events management group who assist corporations in their travel arrangements, be it by air, ocean or land. Looking after people as they travel around the globe is important to them.


And looking after the planet is important too. To that end, ATPI have purchased 180 trees on the behalf of their customers as a thank you for utilising the services of their company. Forty-five (45) trees have gone into Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia and South Australia.




WA & VIC (Sites A & B) trees have been planted, and we have have organised the NSW and SA trees (Sites C & D) to be planted in the autumn/winter of 2021. Stay tuned for when we update this blog with those trees.


Site A. Esperance, Western Australia. 

Landowner Dorothy Henderson is in the midst of a long-term tree-planting project and welcomed another 45 trees from ATPI. Dot aims to re-establish habitat for native birds and wildlife on areas of the property made vulnerable by many years of neglect. She has already turned parts of the property into a haven for threatened species.

Esperance is located on the south coast of Western Australia. It is a beautiful district with white sand beaches, wildflower reserves and a national park called Cape Le Grand. Fifteen Trees has been working with Dorothy Henderson and this district for many years, helping the family to re-vegetate the property with native shrubs and trees. Longtime lovers of all things native, the Henderson’s are creating a wonderful ecosystem that encourages wildlife to return to the area.


Trees obtained through supporters of Fifteen Trees have enabled us to continue our program of tree planting in vulnerable areas on our property. Without these trees, our property would not be the habitat for birds and other wildlife that it is now. Although there is plenty more to be done, we are so excited by what has been achieved so far.

We have planted species such as Eucalyptus occidentals (swamp mate), Acacia myrleforlia (myrtle wattle), Acacia cyclops (coastal wattle), Acacia saligna (WA golden wattle) and Melaleuca cuticularis (saltwater paperbark).

Dorothy Henderson | Landholder | Esperance


Dorothy (yellow coat) with fellow tree planters.


Site B. Flowerdale, VIC.

We have a long standing arrangement with the Flowerdale Landcare community. They ask for trees. We ask how many! In 2020, we supplied this district with 1350 native trees for Landcare members, of which 45 came from APTI. These numbers certainly add up and Heather Charlie and her group who received the 45 trees were delighted.


Heather (at left) with members from the Flowerdale Landcare Group.


At Fifteen Trees, we are experts in connection. We connect sponsors with land, landowners with nurseries, and everyone involved with community and volunteer planting groups. It really does take a village to raise a forest, and we are so pleased that ATPI has joined ours.


Colleen Filippa | Founder & Director | Fifteen Trees