Blind Creek Billabong and their 300 trees.

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Blind Creek Billabong and their 300 trees.

Ross Morley, Managing Director of G. J. Gardner Homes has been supporting our native environment (through Fifteen Trees) since 2013. By the end of this year, Ross and the team at GJG will have helped plant over 56,000 trees across Victoria and Tasmania. For every new home built, Fifteen Trees organises the planting of 15 trees in the local district. This year alone, the relationship between G.J. Gardner Homes and Fifteen Trees, will see over 11,000 trees planted by schools, landcare and various environmental groups.


The partnership with Fifteen Trees, allows G.J. Gardner teams to go into the field for some team building activities as well as giving some support to the local community.

Chris and Tanya Dell from G. J. Gardner Homes Melbourne East are generous supporters of local community groups and their tree planting projects. This year Chris, Tanya and their team purchased 300 trees for Fay Rimmer and Friends of Blind Creek. The trees were planted on National Wattle Tree Day (August 31st).


National Wattle Day


National Wattle Tree Day was organised by the Friends of Blind Creek Billabong in conjunction with the Knox Biodiversity Officers. Sixty volunteers turned up and very quickly set to work digging holes, laying out plants and planting over 1,000 plants, shrubs and grasses. How about that? Of these 1,000 plants, 300 were generously donated by G.J. Gardner Homes Melbourne East.

I was amazed. Our volunteers came from members of Old Joes Friends group, Friends of Blind Creek Billabong and Knox Environment Society, casuals plus some very capable Melbourne University Students.

All volunteers were happy to finish with a yummy barbecue cooked by Friends of Blind Creek Margaret Thomas and Allan Rimmer. The BBQ was enjoyed by all, the vegetarians were catered for also. Thank you GJG for kicking in towards the catering costs.

A huge thanks to all of our wonderful volunteers. I would also like to acknowledge G.J. Gardner Homes for their sponsorship of 300 trees and also Knox Biodiversity for supplying the rest of the plants.

Fay Rimmer | Secretary | Friends of Blind Creek


Big thank you to GJG for helping out with the catering.


Thank you Chris and Tanya for enabling this project to go ahead by purchasing 300 native trees and shrubs for Fay and her hardworking group of volunteers. Thank you also to Fay for finding a site and co-ordinating the planting with Friends of Blind Creek on National Wattle Tree Day.


Sláinte – Colleen


Colleen Filippa is the Founder and Director of Fifteen Trees. This year, Fifteen Trees celebrates 10 years. To be part of the movement of companies looking to make a tangible contribution to our community groups and our native environment, contact Colleen at <> or on 0400 040 659.


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