Belinda Coates has a birthday coming up. On Monday November 25th to be exact. This year, Belinda is doing something different!

For her birthday, Belinda is asking her friends and family to buy her a tree (or trees) for planting in the Ballarat district during the upcoming winter/spring. Once planted, this blog will be updated with photos of the trees and a short story about the tree planting day. Everyone who contributes to Belinda’s Birthday Trees will get an email with the link to the trees.

Birthdays are important milestones but I’m not really one for big celebrations. However, I love the idea of giving back on my birthday.

Trees are the perfect gift because they just keep giving. They are an amazing part of our ecosystem and contribute so much to our natural environment. They combat climate change, give us beauty, soak up carbon, produce oxygen and provide homes and shelter for insects, birds and habitat for wildlife. They also protect waterways and landscapes from erosion.
In my role as a local Councillor here in Ballarat I’ve advocated strongly for our Urban Forestry Action plan aiming for 40% tree canopy cover by 2040. Being able to plant some trees for my birthday is a way that I can take action for the environment in my personal life. I’d love your help to get some trees planted to combat climate change and give back to the environment.
This is only the second time Fifteen Trees have used the crowd-sourcing idea through our own website. And we are pretty excited, for this is a great way for people having birthdays, weddings etc to nicely ask that their friends and family purchase some trees on their behalf.
Thank you to everyone who purchased trees (anywhere from 1 to 15) for Belinda’s birthday.
TREE UPDATE: 29 people have collectively purchased 162 trees for Belinda for her birthday. Big thank you from Belinda and Fifteen Trees. The trees will be planted during National Tree Week (July) 2020 at the Ross Creek Reserve. Once planted, we’ll update this post with photos and send out emails with the link to everyone who contributed. 


Sláinte – Colleen (Founder and Director of Fifteen Trees)