Simon Hughes from Hughes Renovators Paradise is unique in that he specializes in the sale of RECLAIMED building materials. This company encourages recycling and UP-CYCLING. Already very eco-friendly, Simon also supports tree planting through Fifteen Trees. Every year, I usually plant 90 trees for Renovators Paradise. This year, Simon has ‘upped the ante’ and gone for 99 trees!

Simon’s trees have gone to Stephen Joblin and the Flowerdale Landcare Group as part of a bigger project to improve the native habitat of the Murrindindi Shire of Central Victoria.


Simon’s trees at Alexandra.


Over 1,200 seedlings were planted and guarded on this site in Alexandra. It is the beginning of a 4 year project for this landholder who wants to plant many thousands of trees to enhance existing vegetation and cover the largely vacant land he has purchased. Thank you supporters of Fifteen Trees for all your assistance.

Stephen Joblin | President | Flowerdale Landcare


Renovators Paradise’s passion for beautiful recycled building materials can be seen on their website. It is great to see all the doors, windows, light-fittings, cupboards, stairs, floorboards, bathroom fittings and even architraves they have saved from landfill.

Slainte – Colleen