Harrison Funerals have ‘hit a milestone’ with the planting of their 500th mature tree.

This significant tree was planted at Pinarc at their Bonshaw premises in Ballarat. Through Fifteen Trees, Brian and Maree from Harrison Funerals, plant one mature tree for every funeral service they hold at their Main Rd, premises. Brian and Maree’s 500 trees have been planted across Ballarat and District. The trees can be found in school yards, community halls and pools, in reserves, parks and gardens.


Andrew Gear and Brian Harrison with a tree of significance. Image The Courier.

Pinarc has chosen fruit trees that will be planted to create an orchard for use by the Independent Living Skills cooking participants, and in future the orchard will support the proposed cafe on site. The orchard now contains lemons, cherries, peaches, different apple varieties and many other fruit trees. We as an organisation are so grateful for the community support. We love that everybody is interested in what we are doing. Thank you especially to Brian and Maree. 

Marianne Hubbard | CEO | Pinarc Disability Support


The 25 fruit trees have been planted around a paved area that the landscaping students have created. The orchard will eventually form part of the cafe and will  provide fresh fruit for the kitchen. Pinarc’s independent living skills program students will care for the trees, cook the produce and learn about healthy living and healthy food choices.



Companies like Harrisons can see the importance of corporate social responsibility and the effect it has on communities. Following the Harrison’s lead, 2 other companies also contributed to Pinarc’s new site. I call it ‘the circle of influence‘. People see what the Harrisons are doing and so the social norm changes. It is great to see companies making CSR a priority.

Contact us if you’d like to support meaningful projects through tree planting.