Gus runs a small boutique Design and Innovation agency called Roshambo and is also the Entrepreneur in Residence at Victoria University. A dynamic and engaging public speaker, Gus travels around the world giving keynote address in the US, Europe and back in his home country South America. 

I saw Gus in action at a Ballarat business conference and was instantly captivated by his passion, sense of humour and obvious love of disruptive technology. Gus spoke about education and sustainability, 2 subjects also dear to my heart. Of course, I approached him after his session and then hounded him to buy some trees for us to plant.

Which he generously did … 200 trees in fact!


Gus Balbontin

Gus Balbontin in action


When I asked Gus, why he decided to help out with our tree planting project he wrote back saying ..

‘Colleen, I struggle with these huge human puzzles we face…climate change, social injustice, plastic pollution, economical instability, a broken education system!
We live in a world where our actions and thoughts can radically conflict with each other and we struggle to solve the riddle. I fly around the world contributing to climate change yet live in my home here in Yarraville with an heirloom garden with herbs, veggies and about 26 fruit trees!
But but but … I do believe in small grassroots movements. I do believe that despite the fact that the impact may not be as dramatic as we wish, it does at least make us think.
So, my wife and I regularly contribute to lots of causes. It is our small way!

The Scouts and Me!


Gus’ trees were planted on National Tree Day (Sunday July 30th 2018) at Westgate Park, Melbourne. With hail and storms predicted, a team of 30 gathered mid morning under the Westgate Bridge and proceeded in the following 3 hours to plant trees. Ballarat Scout Team were there, along with many Fifteen Trees supporters and family members. We planted 450 trees from the 1000 we had earmarked for this project. The Friends of Westgate Park will plant the other trees in the weeks to come.


Once again, a huge thank you Gus for your kind offer of 200 trees for this new park (established in 2000) in the heart of Melbourne. Anytime you would like to go visit the trees, let us know and I’ll arrange a walk in the park with you and your family.


Sláinte – Colleen