Bok Bok B’Gerk is the brainchild of Michelle Boehm an extremely talented women with an eye for humour and colour. Michelle designs and constructs the most adorable brooches and earrings. During July, Michelle ran a promotion where she would purchase one tree for every brooch sold. After only a couple of days, Michelle had the funds to purchase 30 trees for our local community.

The trees went to a Ballarat family in Cardigan who are keen to revegetate their 4 acre property back into native bushland.


Michelle Boehm in her studio.


We had a fantastic day in the sunshine today planting our new trees. Thank you so much for your support in offering us this opportunity. We purchased a lovely property on 4 acres last year in which had very few trees planted. Sadly a couple of these have been severely damaged with the winds during this winter. These new trees are planted for the long term and we are hoping they will bring back the native wildlife that was once so prolific in this area.

Carly Austin


Ms Austin

Mr Austin




















Once again a huge thank you to Michelle at Bok Bok B’Gerk for your support of our natural environment. Your trees have gone to a great home in Cardigan where they will be maintained and watered over the coming dry seasons and in return will provide native habitat and a self-sustaining ecosystem.

Sláinte – Colleen