Vinita and Dushyant are the eco-duo behind the beautiful Bhumi Organic Cotton label. Bhumi means ‘Mother Earth’. Vinita and Dushyant are reshaping the conventional textile cotton industry and at the same time providing economic, social and environmental benefits to local and global communities. For us this means: pure, organic, beautiful and soft, chemical free products such as clothing and bedding.

Vinita and Dushyant have combined their deep love for the Earth, humanity and sustainable design to create Bhumi Organic Cotton.

Last month, Vinita contacted Fifteen Trees and offered to purchase 500 trees for our planting projects, she then offered to come plant them with us.  And so, on National Tree Day (Sunday July 29th), Vinita, Dushyant and a host of family members joined us at Westgate Park to plant trees. With wild weather forecast, we dodged the predicted rain but ran foul of the wild westerly winds. Nevertheless, we planted 460 trees that morning. Tony Flude and 3 volunteers from Westgate Biodiveristy organised us by supplying us with gloves and tools, pre-digging the holes, giving us a tree planting demo and then pointing us (out of the wind) into the right direction.


Hi Colleen,

What a great day Sunday turned out to be – great weather for this time of the year and a MAGNIFICENT TURNOUT OF FRIENDS of FIFTEEN TREES!

Today we watered the plants in and collected the pots – total 460 plants in the ground. We have another big group tomorrow so we should get in the remaining plants then.

Thank you so much for your on-going support of our group.

Tony Flude | President | Westgate Biodiversity


Huge thank you to Vinita and Dushyant for your generous contribution to our tree planting projects. And thank you too for coming out with us to plant at Westgate Park. Your beautiful warm family were a pleasure to meet.

Sláinte – Colleen