Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For indeed, that’s all who ever have.

Margaret Mead | Cultural Anthropologist | 1909 – 1978




Thank you to the following fabulous people who have all generously purchased trees for us to plant on their behalf. Collectively their trees have added up to 306! That’s going to be a forest!


Flowerdale tree planting day.


The following people have all purchased 15 trees for us to distribute to Landcare Victoria: Audrey Burking, Ryan Sculley, Andrew Grant (Golden Nugget Discovery Tours), Brooke Hutchings, Bianca Flint (from the Hello Sustainability Bookclub in Ballarat), Angela and Scott Semple (Compass Financial Group), Tess Pedley (as a wedding gift to her dear friends Jonny and Elise Volers).


Simon Keniry has purchased 30 trees, Kylie Forbes (Cantilver Interiors) has purchased 45 trees and Colin Petrie (my fabulous accountant at ProAct Business Accounting) purchased 60 trees.


Then there are those who purchased trees after catching me at Stonnington’s Spring Into Gardening Festival in September. Thank you to Sarah Jardine (Garden Design by Sarah) and Hannah Aroni for purchasing 15 trees each and Georgia Verschoyle for purchasing 30 trees.


Spring Into Gardening


A quick addition of the above purchases … and that comes to 300 trees. However, I need to add 6 trees for my frequently flying friend, Ilewellyn Wishart, who always purchases trees to help offset this flights. One tree per hour in the air will collect Ilewellyn’s carbon emissions from his flights. Heading away these holidays? Here is a quick way to offset your flights.


The trees (306) were planted by the crew at Murrindindi in the beautiful foothills of Flowerdale and Kinglake. Steve and Heather Joplin who propagated and planted the trees were delighted to hear they had more trees for their land. As they are also into beekeeping, they choose flowering gum trees and flowering shrubs varieties.


As Margaret Mead quote says …  a few caring people can save the world.


Sláinte – Colleen