The Viatek Group is a services-based organisation, offering tailored business solutions in print, telephony and all aspects of IT. Established in 1984, Viatek is Australian owned and operated. General Manager, Peter Bull has been a supporter of Fifteen Trees for the past 4 years. This year he has generously added to his tree portfolio with another 330 trees for community groups. These trees will reduce the carbon footprint of the company’s fleet (22 cars x 15 trees = 330 trees).

Peter and the team understand that “being green is not just a potential competitive business advantage, it is also a good way to reduce costs and create more streamlined business processes”.  Viatek take corporate social responsibility seriously and lean towards tangible projects that are going to do some good in the community.




Peter’s trees went to Matt Crawley and his Landcare team at the Bellarine Peninsula. On National Tree Day, 30 volunteers gathered to plant the 330 indigenous trees (plus some shrubs and grasses) across 2 sites.

tree planting CSR

On National Tree Day, for the ninth consecutive year, the Bellarine Peninsula community gathered to plant trees (shrubs and grasses) across 2 sites: The Narrows and the Coastal Moonah Woodland. This project aims to revegetate a section of woodland using indigenous species from the local area and grown by the Queenscliff Community Indigenous Nursery.

This location contains many habitat values for local fauna and is listed as threatened under the Victorian Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act. These plantings will go a long way towards increasing biodiversity for the local fauna.

The Bellarine Catchment Network, Queenscliff Community Nursery and the Swan Bay Environment Association supported this event along with Peter Bull (Viatek) and Colleen Filippa (Fifteen Trees).

Matt Crawley | Coordinator | Bellarine Peninsula Landcare

Thank you Peter for your continued support of our tree planting projects. These trees would not have been planted without your generous contribution.

Slàinte – Colleen