Trees planted while magpie swoops.

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Trees planted while magpie swoops.

G. J. Gardner Homes has been supporting our native environment (through Fifteen Trees) since 2013 and has helped us plant well over 34,000 trees across Victoria and Tasmania. For every new home built, Fifteen Trees organises the planting of 15 trees in the local district. This year, the project will see over 8,500 trees planted by schools, landcare and various environmental groups.

The partnership with Fifteen Trees allows GJG teams to go into the field for some team building activities as well as help support the local community through their corporate social responsibility policies.


Anthony Ruff from G. J. Gardner Homes Central Gippsland is a generous supporter of local community groups and their tree planting projects. This year, Anthony purchased 345 trees for the Yarram Yarram Landcare Network at Merriman Creek.


Tree planting, CSR

G.J. Gardner and Merriman Creek Landcare Volunteers planted 700 plants along an ephemeral saline waterway to link patches of bush and provide a wildlife corridor and shelter for stock. The area was recently fenced off as part of a Landcare project. The Landcare group and GJG Sale provided the trees and the labour. Because it was school holidays, G.J. Gardner in Sale were able to shut up shop and make it a family day with employees and their children enjoying the tree planting and a BBQ lunch. Luckily we had some children who had brought their binoculars, they were able to provide ample warning to the rest of us of the approach of a particularly determined swooping Magpie.

Sally-Ann Henderson | Project Manager | Yarram Yarram Landcare Network

Great to see Anthony and the team out planting trees in the local area with the local Landcare group. I’m thinking the Magpie kept you on your toes and added an element of excitement to the day’s planting. Spring in Australia is always an interesting time.

Slàinte – Colleen

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