Ever Solar are installing solar panels and planting trees at the same time! For every KW system sold, Dave and the team from Melbourne are funding the planting of one tree. To date, we have planted 700 trees on Ever Solar’s behalf.




The trees were planted at the West Gate Reserve (Fishermans Bend, Melbourne at the city end of the Westgate Freeway).  This reserve was founded by 19 year-old Naomie Sunner, a VCA photography student. Naomie discovered the Park in 1999 on a trek along the length of the Yarra River. She thought this neglected, abandoned park – the closest she could get to the river mouth – was nonetheless beautiful and had such potential! Her initial thought was to volunteer but there was no friends group so, with a little help from mentors, she established and incorporated the Friends of Westgate Park and set to work.


RMIT students

RMIT students planting out our trees


Almost 20 years later, the Park boasts of 300+ indigenous plants, 175 bird species and 6 parcels of land totaling 7.8 hectares. Fifteen Trees and Ever Solar are proud to be playing a small part in the revegetation of this area.

Slàinte – Colleen