Planting Trees with Earth Bottles

///Planting Trees with Earth Bottles

Planting Trees with Earth Bottles

Danni Carr and Ash Grunwald (Byron Bay, NSW) have established an Eco Award Winning company called  Earth Bottles. Treading lightly on the Earth, Danni and Ash donate a percentage of their bottle sales to community groups for their tree planting projects. Fifteen Trees is delighted to be working in association with Danni, Ash and of course the wonderful Briody Scholes (Torquay, Vic).



Fifteen Trees has been contributing to revegetation projects in Upper Gouldburn District of Victoria since 2010 and this year the relationship has continued. The 90 trees recently donated by Earth Bottles were planted at the Webb Farm in Glenburn with volunteers from the ANZ.


Volunteers from ANZ Melbourne.

Volunteers from ANZ Melbourne.


The landowner has fenced off large areas of the farm and with the help of Landcare and supporters like Earth Bottles and Fifteen Trees, we are gradually revegetating the farm after many of the existing trees were destroyed in the 2009 bushfires. We had a nice sunny day this day as you can see in the attached photos.

Thanks again for your donation of the plants it’s very much appreciated.

Chris Cobern | Landcare Coordinator | Upper Goulburn Landcare Network


Massive thank you to the team from Earth Bottles. Not only does Fifteen Trees benefit from their generosity, but through their company, they also generously support Clean Coast CollectiveBeyond Blue and Breast Cancer Network Australia. Corporate social responsibility at its best.

Slàinte – Colleen

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