Tania de Jong is the Founder of Creative Universe, a transformational leadership and innovation organisation that includes a number of branches as Sing for Good, Dimension5 Hub and Creative Innovation Global which is  running  the Creative Innovation Conference (Ci2017) in Melbourne from 13 – 15th of November.

I am very excited to be attending this conference in 2 weeks time, the line-up of guest speakers is amazing. Last I heard, they are still selling tickets but they do sell out, so check out the website and find a day in your schedule to attend. I’m attending on the Monday, see you there?



Ci2017 will help you understand and make the most of the exponential advances in robotics, artificial intelligence, automation of jobs and vehicles, healthcare, energy, workplaces of the future and other major trends. This event will give you the knowledge and tools to develop the leadership mindset you need to transform your organisation.


Planting trees

Tania is a generous businesswoman who supports a number of charities. She was very keen to have 200 trees planted to reduce the carbon footprint of Ci2017.

The trees were planted at the Westgate Park by RMIT students and staff. The Friends of Westgate Park have now planted 4,000 trees supplied by the generous supporters of Fifteen Trees, such as Tania. The group is engaged in a very successful re-vegetation program at the park which involves annual planting of between 20,000 and 25,000 trees. As these trees grow, the biodiversity of the area is improving. It is becoming a popular place for people and for the birds and animals that choose to make the park their home.

Big shout out to Tania de Jong and her team (in particular Liz Baldwin and Alrick Pagnon). Massive thank you for your support of our native environment to the tune of 200 trees. As you can see they have gone to a great site within the CBD of Melbourne.

Slàinte – Colleen