The Flowerdale and Marysville district of Victoria have been working steadily to revegetate since the devastating 2010 Victorian fires. The Landcare groups in this area, are some of hardest working ones in the country. To that end, Fifteen Trees have been supplying trees to them in their thousands. This time round, we were able to donate 3,000 trees.


NAB personal planting trees.

NAB personal helped plant our trees.


The fabulous team from bask aromatherapy are keen to run their company sustainably and this month they have helped us plant 90 trees at this beautiful site.

Siobhan McCuskey is the woman behind bask aromatherapy. Siobhan and her team only use the finest, organic, botanical ingredients which are then gently blended with essential oils. To maintain premium quality, freshness is a priority. That’s why they produce their products in small batches. Siobhan chips in for one tree for every internet order.

Great sustainable company, seriously … check them out.


bask 1

Slàinte – Colleen