Bronwyn Rust is the owner and founder of Yogaville, a beautiful Iyengar yoga studio located in Preston Vic. This year I once again planted 90 trees on her behalf to reduce the carbon footprint of the studio. Bronwyn’s trees went over to Westerway Primary (Tas).


On Tuesday, 2 August, the weather turned out to be quite beautiful with only very light sprinkles and few gusts of cool wind, as we all kept an eye on the beautiful Tyenna River in full flow!  All the students had a ball planting, finding fungi, slime moulds and other worms decomposing detritus in the beautiful soil, watching 2 majestic Wedge tailed eagles fly overhead in search of prey and a beautiful little pademelon getting some sun.

After much anticipation, Westerway Primary WildsC’OOL celebrated Planet Arks National Tree Day and World Rangers day.  Fifty students from grade 1 to 6 were keen to jump into action and test out their skills digging holes, erecting guards and putting in stakes once they found a good place to plant our selection of 15 different types local native trees.

Kids from Westerway Primary (Tas)

Kids from Westerway Primary (Tas)


Westerway Primary as a part of their partnership with local volunteer from Wildcare and Parks and Wildlife as a WildsC’OOL program planted 170 trees near Marriotts Falls, along the Tyenna River Reserve where a sign designed by the grade 3-4 WildsC’OOL class was also erected.  In collaboration with Parks and Wildlife, Mt Field National Park and Friends of Mt Field Wildcare volunteer group prepared the site for planting and organised sponsorship of tree tube stock through Yogaville and Forestry Tasmania.

The students learnt new skills and explored a new area all the while regenerating open areas along the Tyenna River, creating wildlife corridors and  habitats.  The program is designed to build a long term partnership with the students, community and Mt Field National park whilst incorporating other local reserve areas.  Within the program real-life interactive learning is facilitated, based around the schools curriculum specifically for year 3-4 class in 2016.  Focused on enhancing the students understanding of environmental education with practical applications and sharing what they learn.  This includes education based around their local environment, engagement in projects within the school grounds, local reserves and Mt Field National Park to develop lifelong skills and knowledge about the natural area they live in.

Cheers, Larissa Giddings | WildsC’OOL | Volunteer Environmental Educator

Working hard.

Working hard.

Huge thanks Bron for your continued support of our tree planting projects. These trees would not have been planted if not for your generosity and kind heart.

This year's tree pose to celebrate National Tree Day.

This year’s tree pose to celebrate National Tree Day.

Slàinte – Colleen