In February very year, Fifteen Trees packs the boot of the car and takes off to the Sustainable Living Festival for 3 days of wonderful fresh organic food, interesting stalls with green goods and services and informative workshops on all things sustainable.


Over those 3 days back in February, I sold 250 trees.

This means –  I can give these trees out to a community group for planting.

Thank you to those who called past the stall to buy a tree or two. Thank you – Ruby, Niina, Ken, Gabrielle, Veda, Emma, Belinda, Erica, Bed, Grazppa, Rachel, Catherine, Guilia, Julia, Fionnuala, Clare, Chris (who bought trees as gifts for Bev Stevens and Will Sullivan), and Ben. All of who bought a tree or two.

More thank yous to those who bought 15 trees. Including – Iiana Solo, Jarrod (from Climates Org), Christine Weller, Yevon Yap, Angela Watson, Cathie Lewis, Darryl Pierce, Mandy Jones, Adam & Trina Finn, Louisa Bear, Anthony Hadj and Suzannah (from Swept Away) who bought 15 trees for her friend Trudy Radburn.

And finally another huge thank you to Tim Hamer (from Hamer Access) for buying 60 trees to reduce the carbon footprint of the 4 cars in his fleet.

One month later at the Buninyong Sustainable Living Festival, Felix Weir, Jean and Cherie (for baby Frankie) all bought one tree each. Julie Brusaschi bought a tree as a gift for her tutor Marilyn Rister. At the fund raising auction, I donated 15 trees and so those trees have also been included in this planting.

All up 250 trees from the Sustainable Living Festival (Melbourne and Buninyong) went to Flowerdale. They were planted in June by Stephen and Heather Joblin, their Flowerdale Landcare Team and volunteers from the NAB in Melbourne.

Volunteers from NAB

Volunteers from NAB

Thank you to all for calling past the Fifteen Trees stall at the SLF and I look forward to seeing you again in 2017.

Sàlinte – Colleen