Last term, Napoleon’s Primary School planted 20 mature trees, thanks to the generosity of Maree and Brian Harrison (Harrison Funerals).


Principal Trevor Edwards

Principal Trevor Edwards


Over many years, Napoleons Primary School have actively pursued and implemented an environmental awareness program, culminating in the planting of trees in our extensive school grounds. We were very fortunate to have been successful in our application for the Fifteen Trees project whereby we received 20 bare rooted trees. This was made possible by Brian and Maree Harrison from Harrisons funerals.

We were able to successfully obtain eleven Ornamental Pear trees and nine Crab Apple trees.

Most importantly the children from Foundation to Year 3 children, (some 59 students), played a major role in preparation and the planting of the trees in the school grounds. Two beautiful crab apple trees have been planted at the entrance of our school grounds and they will be truly a major feature, providing a brightly coloured and natural pathway to support our school value of pride in our school. We did focus on ensuring the legacy the children will leave by planting the trees and we are very aware of the importance of ensuring that young children engage and understand the important role trees play in our environment.

Thank you once again Brian and Maree for your financial support. We look forward to these trees growing and blossoming as they will be a major feature of our school and our environment. These trees will leave a lasting legacy and will undoubtedly provide a lot of joy for many Napoleons community members and future students!

Trevor Edwards | Principal | Napoleons Primary School


Once again, thank you Maree and Brian. We are almost at 100 mature trees for 2016.

Slàinte – Colleen