Since 2010, Brian and Maree Harrison (Harrison Funerals, Ballarat) have been supporting our local communities by providing them with mature trees. Late last year, Friends of Learmonth were delighted to receive 12 trees from the Harrisons for their community gardens.


Tree planting.

Dear Colleen,

We have now been able to complete most of the plantings for the botanical park at the front of the block with 6 ornamental pears to line the fence line, some birches, and other exotics which will give wonderful shade in summer and magnificent contrasting autumnal colours in the future. We also added to the native screening plantation which will provided much needed shelter from wind for our orchard and vegetable garden.

 Thank you Harrison Funerals for your kind donation and we hope that you will be able to come out and enjoy our garden soon.

Yours Sincerely,

The Friends of Learmonth Community Garden

One mature tree is planted in the Ballarat district for every funeral service at Harrison Funerals. Brian and Maree have committed to more trees for this year, so if you are a member of a community group who would like some mature trees for your planting project, please get in contact with us at Fifteen Trees (

Slainte – Colleen

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