Every quarter, Angus & Celeste (makers of ceramic jewellery and home-wares) chip in to help get trees planted. This quarter was no exception and due to their generosity, 135 trees have gone to a kindergarten in WA and a golf course in Victoria.



Hi Colleen,

To start the day, we talked about the soil and the importance of wearing gloves when gardening. We then looked at all the different types of trees we had and how their leaves differed. The children then chose a tree each to plant and they gently removed them from the casing, made a hole in the soil, placed their tree in and put their tree to bed (covered with soil and patted it in). Once they were finished planting, they washed their hands, talking about the germs that could have got on their hands. Afterwards we gave them a lovely drink and some ‘vitamins’ to help their roots grow strong (root strengthener).

We would all like to thank you and Angus & Celeste so very much for this wonderful opportunity to green up our community. We now have loads more trees in our garden to help care for the planet.

Kind regards – Karen, educators and children at Kids Corner Child Care Centre (WA)

Planting day at Kid's Corner

Planting day at Kid’s Corner

One hundred and five trees were planted at Kid’s Corner and another 30 at Donald Golf Club.


All up 135 trees thanks to creative duo behind Angus & Celeste – Keir Mac Donald and Asha Cato.

Slàinte – Colleen