Managing Director of Viatek Central Victoria Peter Bull, walks the talk when it comes to sustainability. He understands that “being green is not just a potential competitive business advantage, it is also a good way to reduce costs and create more streamlined business processes”. 


This year, Fifteen Trees planted 330 trees to reduce the carbon footprint of Viatek’s fleet (15 trees for every car in the fleet). The trees were planted in 2 locations: Bendigo and Geelong.

Earlier in the season the Geelong trees (165) were planted by teachers and students at Moolap Primary School. Two months later, the rest of the trees (165) were planted in Bendigo by the Northern United Forestry Group.

Project manager Robyn writes “Planting went ahead today on our project site at the Hay property in Kamarooka. Over 10 years ago the group started agro-forestry at Kamarooka and have now rehabilitated a bare salt affected paddock into a forest despite a high ground water table two-thirds the salinity of the sea.

Robyn's description of a moon scape is adpt.

Robyn’s description of a moonscape is apt.

Somehow a small stand of remnant Grey Box trees managed to survive – we had fenced them out and today we were able to plant your trees into this area to add some habitat to what was once a moonscape!

We can’t wait to see who else moves in with the extra habitat! On behalf of the Northern United Forestry Group, thank-you”.


They found this Olive Legless Lizard during planting!

Thank you once again Peter for your continuing support of our native environment. Three hundred and thirty trees that otherwise would not have been planted are now in the ground.

Slainte (Irish for cheers) – Colleen