“As an old man, pondering the wonders of our universe” (his words), Bill Hall wrote the following words for his niece’s new baby Skye.

“Skye has been brought into a world where climate change and our carbon footprint is of ever increasing concern.  If you provide her with the hoped for opportunities as she moves along life’s path, she will have a significant carbon footprint.  It is nice to think that the trees, like her, will grow to provide an increasing offset that she can relate to’.

Bill lives in a beautiful part of the world (Wales) and wanted 100 trees planted for Skye who was born in Sydney earlier this year. Bill wanted the trees planted close to Sydney so Skye could go visit them one day.

Bill's home in Wales

Bill’s home in Wales

Craig Sadlier, the Engagement Officer at Conservation Volunteers Australia, kindly took on the task to find a home for Skye’s 100 trees.

Dear Colleen,

We planted the trees on Sunday 27 September 2015.

We are re-vegetating degraded areas of the Plough and Harrow Reserve in Western Sydney Parklands. Cumberland plains Woodland (Endangered Ecological Community) was the dominant vegetation community but it has been reduced to less that 10% of what was originally there. Our task has been to expand and link the remnant patches of bush land, improving habitat and creating wildlife corridors.

The species of tree we planted are the canopy species and included Eucalyptus tereticornis, Eucalyptus moluccana, Euclayptus Crebra and Corymbia maculata.

All up 100 trees for your gentleman friend in Wales.

Craig Sadlier | Volunteer Engagement Officer | Conservation Volunteers


Plough and Harrow Reserve.

Thank you Bill for finding Fifteen Trees and contributing to our efforts to keep this world of ours alive with native forests and wildlife.

All the way from Australia, across the seas to Wales

heart felt thanks.

Slainte – Colleen